Wednesday, September 19, 2018


 I love this sweet boy of mine. James had a friend over from school today. I fell in love with his mom at the school carnvival. There are just some people you meet and you just have an instant connection. I felt the spirit whispher to me over and over again to call her and invite her son over to play with James. (They are in the same Kindergarten class.) I finally had to put down the laundry and pick up the phone. She didn't answer. I left a message. She called right back. We talked and laughed, she finally had to go because she was in the middle of canning apple butter. I laughed. And I thought only Mormons and Amish people still canned.

Her son, Easton came over today and played. I loved every minute of him being here. It was so fun to watch all three of the boys play. They were so kind to include Ashton in everything. Easton pushed Ashton on the swing for a long while. It filled my heart. James loved it. He has been missing his friend Ian. (He moved to Washington a few months ago and he has been so sad.) It was nice to have a new friend.

After he left, James spent the rest of the afternoon drawing this thank you book for him. James asked me to write some words in it. I thought it was so cute of him. Ashton is the boy with the spiky hair and James and Easton are the boys with their hair combed to the side. I had to take pictures because his artistic side is exploding. I love it so much.

Wyatt, my nephew is not doing well today. I didn't know until I got my brothers text but he texted about an hour before the text James came running in the house to tell me that he found a quite place on the property and knelt down near a tree, just like the Lamanites, and prayed for Wyatt. Madison inturupted, "You mean Joseph Smith." James said, "Yeah!" I know he has a special bond with Wyatt. They were never really friends while he was well, but he senses him more than any other person in our family. He never lets us forget him in any prayer. He says the most beautiful heartfelt prayers for Wyatt at night.

James, Easton and Ashton playing on the dirt hills while the sprinklers were on.

James, Ashton, and Easton in our playhouse on the property.

Ashton and Easton by the fountain on the side of our house. It has never worked but James was pretending.

Ashton is inside the house watching James and Easton play cars.

Ashton and Easton running through the sprinklers.

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