Wednesday, June 28, 2017


 We went to the 4H offices so Sierra could take her horse test. She wasn't that happy about it and she didn't even study her manual. I am not sure why we bothered except we committed to go and I guess teaching your children to follow through on commitments is important. She is getting really good at riding and she loves it. She is gentle with the horses and they can tell she really loves them. 

The boys fell asleep on the way to the fair grounds and then weren't happy when they woke up. We had to take them into tractor supply to buy a helmet for Sierra. They ran all over the place and whined about everything. It was one of those mom moments where you wonder why you ever go into public with all four of your children.

There are days when I just want to take a day off from being a mother. I received a welcome phone call from my friend Stacey. She asked if we could go into town together. She needed to buy a purse. I left the kids with Nate and went to dinner with her and helped her pick out a purse. It was a much needed break. I feel contention is at a all time high at our house and I don't know how to fix it. I am barely surviving. 

I should be glad Nate has planned a vacation to Mexico on Monday. I am overwhelmed by thinking about getting all the kids ready and us ready. Wish me luck. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


We met up with our McKnight cousins to play at the Springville splash pad. It was so busy it was nearly impossible to find a parking spot. I was so glad that I found a pair a flip-flops for James in the car. I couldn't have carried both the boys. I didn't make them wear shoe because I thought we could park close and play in the water. We had to walk a long ways. It was a simple tender mercy. I was so grateful. We had a great time. Madison had fun running around with Jarom. The boys mostly played together. Sierra wouldn't come. She feels too grown up for these things she wanted to spend time with Tamara instead. Caleb read a book the whole time in the shade. It is obviously the age. I was hoping Bonnie's girls would rally around Madison and play with her, but I think they are as shy as she is.  


 They were best friends the whole visit, which was so fun because last time they weren't. They played for hours without hearing a word from either of them. They played house under the stairs and grandma's. The played in the water and made cookies together again. They loved every minute. James counted down every morning for her to get ready and come over and play. 


 I know this a little much but Lillie has the most amazing expressions ever! Grandpa gave her and oreo and she went to town!


 We went to see grandma for a few days. We got to spend time with Miss Lillie. We were lucky that Tessie and Emma came up for a few days. We bought a slip-n-slide and a small pool for everyone to play in. We had a great time. Ashton wanted to live in that little pool and squirt his water gun the whole time we were there. 


 Madison really wanted to try dance this year. She signed up for ballet in January. She loved it. You could tell how much by watching her during practice. She would often close her eyes and just feel the music. It gave her something that was just hers. She gained a lot of confidence. I was so glad we signed her up. 

Nate brought her flowers and came to her recital. It was two hours and she was near the end, but he came. Then took us all out to Cafe' Rio afterwards. You could tell it was so important to her and made her feel so special. I got a little chocked up watching her. She was just so beautiful and graceful.