Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Ian's birthday party was touring the police station. I thought it was such a great idea for a birthday party. Nattalie gave them all goodie bags at the end and we went home. Simple and perfect. The boys loved it. Ashton was all grins when they got to play with the siren. James talked Sergeant Sawyer's ear off. At the end of the tour James proclaimed he too wanted to be a police officer when he grows up. He has talked of nothing else since we got home. 


We went trick-or-treating down main street. Sierra didn't want to bother getting all dressed up again. She was a cowgirl. Not too original since she pretty much is one in real life. However lately the less I have to hassle her the better for both of us. I pick my battles. It was crowded and I let the boys walk so it was slow. When were done Sierra said, let's go home. I thought we would hit up a few neighborhoods. She loved to fill her sack when she was younger. She convinced the boys they had enough candy. Madison wasn't buying. I tried arranging for my friend to take Madison out again with her and her boys but then Madison changed her mind and decided she was done too. I think these kids are spoiled. I remember trick-or-treating until I couldn't take another step or until my bag was so heavy I couldn't lug it around anymore. They just aren't that into it. I stopped off at the store and bought stuff for burritos and we went home and ate burritos and watched Free Rein. My girls favorite show lately. We were all in bed at a decent time, so I guess quitting early really isn't too bad. 

Monday, October 30, 2017


When you glance out of the corner of your eye and you see movement. You realize your sick baby has escaped in his diaper. Mom Fail.


Yesterday, I was frustrated. I hate when I have to make dinner and I am not hungry. I don't know why it bothers me so much but when I am not hungry I am happy to make pancakes or something easy but a full meal is bothersome to me. I know I am ridiculous. I was made dinner threw it on the table and called Nate and the kids into eat. I went to change my dress because I spilled onto the dress I wore to church making dinner. Why I don't wear and apron is beyond me. I changed and was headed out the door to do my visiting teaching and to attend stake choir practice. I headed to the door. I paused to look up the message. I shouldn't have paused. Ashton came walking toward me and projectile vomited all over me and the into the boots I was wearing. I wish I could have recorded it. I have seen a lot of vomit over my last 12 years of being a mother. I have never seen it project like a hose. He was four feet away and it was inside my new boots. It was impressive. Funny enough, I wasn't mad. My whole family made a quick break for the front door. I locked them out until dark. I cleaned up the mess and bathed Ashton. I turned on conference and cleaned up the kitchen and finished the laundry. It is funny how something so bad can actually make you relax. It immediately slowed me down and helped me priorities. Visiting teaching and choir practice was really not that big of deal. Loving Ashton Max was the most important think I could do.

I cancelled our friend Halloween party for tonight. I was so excited about it but I didn't want to pass along the bug. Especially, the day before Halloween. After ignoring the boys and letting them hang out it their pajamas and watch television. I decided to call them to the table for lunch and a craft. The boys made fluffy, spooky ghosts. They loved it. 



I was teaching a photography class for super Saturday. I got my kids dressed up for Truck-or-Treat. I dropped them off with my friend Lily. She was so sweet to take them around. (After teaching a photography class, I am slightly embarrassed about this photo but you take the the moment when you can get it. I don't think I have had a picture of Sierra this good in a long time.) She is Rey from the new Star Wars. Madison is BB8 from the new Star Wars. James and Ashton didn't want to join our theme. James was Spiderman and Ashton was Optimus Prime. Ashton doesn't even know who Optimus Prime is and I tried to get him to be Superman or Batman and do a family superhero theme but he refused. He saw the Optimus Prime costume and nothing would sway him from wanting to be the alien robot. I put both the girls costumes together for around six dollars. Everything was thrifted from Sierra's costume. We found a mostly white outfit from Madison's closet and bought a hat and some felt. I was pretty darn excited about how they turned out. 


 Madison turned nine this month. I can't believe how fast the years have gone by. She was my baby for so long. She still is my baby girl. I told her the other day she probably always will always be my baby girl. I am glad. She has such a sweet tender personality. She loves to please me. She loves being good. Her and James are the only children I have that spontaneously hug and kiss me throughout the day. 

She doesn't go to bed at night without listening to the scriptures. Some nights I can't let her have my phone and she hasn't charged the old phone she uses to listen to the scriptures, she gets very frustrated. I think she knows all the scripture stories better than most kids. She is so sweet with her younger brothers. The other day she was suppose to clean the bedroom. I told her take the boys upstairs and have them help. She came down and told me with a big grin that she had invented a game to pick and the boys loved it. She said, "It was like we were playing a game and not working!" She is very creative and helpful. I often wonder what I would do without her. 

She just seems to take life in stride. Her life isn't easy, but she doesn't seem to notice. Girls don't treat her nicely and girls that she thinks are her friends, won't let her play with them on the playground. She is often alone. She never tells me about these experiences in a self-pity way. She always tells me with a big grin. She will say today she got to just play basketball by herself or walk the track or jump rope and she had a good day. When I am concerned, and say you didn't play with any friends, she happily announces, "I played with Mr. Nobody, and it was fun!" I have realized it is more me that is injured by the way her peers treat her. She is so good and so sweet, why wouldn't the other kids love her and want to play with her? I have realized over the years she is happy in her own skin and she doesn't need the approval or acceptance of her peers. She knows who she is and she is confident. I am so proud of her. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


 The main point of the trip was to go and tour the Israelite Temple Exhibit at BYU. It was very interesting to see the progressing of temples throughout time. We loved learning about how the children of Israel worshiped Jehovah. The smell of the incense brought me back to the streets of Hong Kong. The burn a lot of incense there. It was interesting that the most holy part of the Israelite temple was the darkest part of the temple. Yet, the holiest parts or modern temples are the brightest most lite parts of the temple. The sacrificing rituals were so dirty, and the temples now are so clean. These contrasts seemed to point to the Savior, who at the meridian of time overcame darkness and death and poured his perfect light into the world. The similarities were also inspiring. The quality of the materials used were the finest the Israelite's could come by, similarly today we use the finest materials we can obtain. The Israelite temple was set up like a linear progression and our temples are set up in a way we progress through them too. Although, our progression is less linear and more of an ascension but that too points to the Savior of the world, who made that possible. It was really interesting.

We went to Jerel and Inez's afterwards and Nate got to reconnect with one of his best friends from when he was a kid and his roommate at college, Zack Gilming. It was fun to listen to Nate laugh, his deep laugh. The laugh he makes when he is in company with  people that know his soul.


 My boys loved crunching around in the fall leaves together.


 We drove to Utah on Friday night. Aston screamed from Price to Orem. He pooped himself and I didn't realize it. He had a sore bum. He gets them so easily which is why I have been pushing him to potty train. Dang it. He didn't sleep well. He was fuss all Saturday. Sunday was Madison's birthday and so we asked her what she wanted to do. She really wanted to go to Color Me Mine. I don't think we will ever take the whole family there again. Next time dad can take the girls. The boys liked it, they were just done in about an hour and started falling apart. James could not understand why he couldn't take his cup home. Ashton was just melting down from the night before. I offered to take them for a walk over to get a carmeled apple. In the store Ashton got upset, I am still not sure why. Then he fell on the asphalt on the way back and started throwing a major tantrum. I had to  pick him up and carry him back to the car. It was ridiculous. I don't want to carry him while I am pregnant. 

The day was suppose to be about Madison and it was, but it wasn't . Later that evening, my sister Karalee put together a lovely birthday for Madison. She baked her a beautiful raspberry chocolate cake. She picked her up some presents. She got a stuffed animal and a new dress, shoes, and tights. She was thrilled. She is such a sweet girl. I am so glad she is mine.