Thursday, December 13, 2018


Madison was an angel. She helped me make Sunday dinner. Then she helped me clean the kitchen till every dish was washed and put away. I haven't had my kitchen that clean in a while. 

Friday, December 7, 2018


James said as we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, "I feel Jesus when we cook together Mom."

Monday, December 3, 2018


First Snow of 2018. The kids woke up bright and early and played in the snow. Dad brought out he Cadet and pulled them around the property. They have been happy all day.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


I had a few more ministering interviews to do. I left the kids home on Sunday to put up the tree. They insisted it was a Sunday activity because Christmas is all about the Savior. I concurred. When I got back two hours later the tree wasn't up and I had pine needles all over the house. The house was a wreck from being gone all weekend and everyone was hungry. I should have listened to the Spirit as He encouraged me to forgo the ministering interviews and spend the evening with my kids putting together the tree.  When I saw the disaster I lost it, I started vacuuming and yelling about how much I hate Christmas. I hate Christmas. It is the worst holiday. I hate Christmas decor and buying Christmas presents. My poor babies. I think Madison left in tears. I kept having the words from a favorite church video of my youth go through my head, "Are you giving the least to those who matter most or  are you sharing your best with those who really aren't that close? Well, its time to turn around and find out where your greatest joys are found." I often feel abandoned and overwhelmed in my efforts. I don't know how to suppress my frustration and just love. Certainly, I would have had a better evening if I had of listened to the Spirit.

Saturday, December 1, 2018


Friday we left the kids home with Sheila Honda, one of my young women, and went to the Vernal Temple. Stephanie and Virgil were sealed for eternity Saturday morning. Stephanie joined the church shortly after Leslie. Nate and I were so grateful to be invited. Sadly, I didn't get to go into the temple because I had no one to watch Logan. He is still nursing. I did get to wait in the chapel next door and read the Book of Mormon. 

When we got home we headed over to the church to enjoy the company of our friends and have breakfast for dinner. James and Ashton were sheep and Madison was an angel in the nativity. We finished the evening with Christmas carols. I am so grateful for a ward family that I love.

Sunday, November 25, 2018


She stayed up till 1:30 in the morning cleaning my house. When I woke up it looked as good as if I had cleaned it. She owns one Sunday dress. I had bought her a dress and shoes for Christmas. I figured she needed them early. I giggle at her cute shoes. TAGS! :) 
It is the only picture I got of them all smiling. Have a beautiful Sunday. We sure have, mostly because we love being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It gives our life meaning and purpose. We are filled with opportunities to serve our fellow man and in turn, serve the Savior. We feel blessed.

Saturday, November 24, 2018


She has spent all day gathering her portfolio pieces and uploading them to BYU's website. It could have taken her twenty minutes. She is like a puppy. "Squirrel!" Everything and anything will distract her. It is enough to make a mother crazy! However, she is one of the best girls on the planet. She has volunteered to help people move and she supervised the kid's table at Super Saturday. She loves all the young women. She loves the girls that no one else does. She tends her baby brother constantly. She loves him unconditionally. She changes his diapers. She babysits often. She cleans amazingly well. She has straight A's in BYU's program right now. She actually willingly takes showers now. So, why does she still make me want to pull my hair out?


She often knows each one of my buttons to push so I want to explode. I have very little patience with her sometimes. Today she ran away and I let her. We both needed a break from each other. She borrowed the neighbor's horse Clancy and rode him half the day. Mostly, she rode him bareback like this. She said at one point she fell asleep and slept for two hours. I believe her but I could never nap on the back of a horse. My favorite place to nap is in my bed when my house is clean. The best rest comes in a clean house. I guess that is why I am staying up all night cleaning carpets and scrubbing my house. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for the funds to purchase a carpet cleaner. It is so nice to have clean carpets. I am also grateful for neighbors and friends that are like angels in my life and allow Sierra to use their horse when she desperately needs some horse therapy. 

Friday, November 23, 2018


He has been up building all Thanksgiving break. He is obsessed with Legos. He disappears all day. He is quiet. He is thinking and building. He wakes up in the morning with a new idea about something he can build. Today, a tree house. Tomorrow, we will see. He comes home from school and runs upstairs and I never hear from him again. I beg him to come down to do his "Mommy School." He gets upset. I tell him if he doesn't focus and give his best work, I will sell his legos. He focuses. He can't imagine a space where he cannot build. I worry he is too obsessed. I tell myself, he will be an engineer like his Uncle Paul or contractor like his Uncle Spencer, to calm my nerves. I don't know what he will be, but I am certain he will build.

I am grateful for the Holy Ghost and his guidance to look on Craigslist for someone selling legos. I found a man with two giant bins for $80.00. When one nice set costs as much, I felt blessed.  I bought them. The boys no longer have to be screen zombies for me to teach Madison or Sierra. My soul is more at peace. I am grateful. Truly an answer to my prayers.

Thursday, November 22, 2018


We decided to stay home for Thanksgiving dinner. I was relieved once I finally made the decision. I sometimes make decisions based on not disappointing my extended family instead of doing what is best for my husband, children and I. I was grateful to have the courage to do what was best for myself. Traveling is so hard for Mr. Logan and it took a long time to recover from our last trip. I don't have a week to recover from a trip anymore. Nate was so great. He took on the turkey with all his normal enthusiasm. I made assignments for all the kids. James did the rolls and salad. Ashton did the green bean casserole and helped with the rolls. Sierra did the Jell-o and the sweet potatoes. Madison did the pies and potatoes. I did gravy and stuffing. There may have been a few mess ups but overall I was glad not to have to do it all myself.
I like to think of the things I am especially grateful for this year 2018. I am grateful for Mr. Logan. Especially his huge smile and his sweet hugs. I am grateful I made it through his birth and the last six months. They have been difficult but worth it.
I am grateful for a better relationship with Nate. I feel I come to know him better every year and he constantly amazes me. He is generous and funny. He has helped me laugh through some really difficult days this year. He has been so generous not just monetarily but with his time.
I am grateful I have had an increased capacity to hear the spirit. I have felt guided by the Holy Ghost and I am grateful to have him with me always.
I am grateful I decided to homeschool my kids. I love having them home more. We have had several beautiful learning moments together. It has been stretching for me as a mother. I am learning things I wish I had of known when Sierra was little. I am becoming the mother I want to be. (Although, I am still far from perfect!)
I am grateful for Michael and Chrissy and their courage. I am grateful they have taught and continue to teach me how to do incredibly hard things gracefully and faith-filled.
Lastly, I am grateful my sister Kimberly, and brother-in-law Caleb, decided to create Logan a best friend for life. He will be born today. I can't wait to lay eyes on his sweet face.