Thursday, June 21, 2018


 Two posts in one day, things are changing around these parts. It warms my soul to be back at it. Look at this precious baby. My friend Jenn gave birth to this cutie last year. She is now pregnant with identical twins. She will have eight kids under eleven years old. I always tell her that she is living the dream. Sigh. I wanted to get married at eighteen and have ten kids. Although, I am so glad for the path my life has taken, I do think it would be fun. I am happy to live vicariously through Jenn. Kaylee Neff is Madison's BFF. We always love meeting up with them at the lake. Isn't this baby girl precious. I really wanted one more girl. When I see this tutu swimming suit it gets me all giddy and baby girl hungry.


We are headed to California next week for ten days. We will be going to Nate's home ward on Sunday. Several people from this ward have known him from the time he was little. A few of them met Sierra when she was three but we haven't taken the kids back since. They haven't met his family. I felt the boys all needed a real haircut for the occasion. My heart breaks as I considered my boy's hair is growing back as Wyatt heads back into the hospital for another round of chemo. We pray he gets better soon. James should never shave his head. I feel Micheal's boys with their great hairline and thick hair look good. James with his widows peaks looks.... something. The barber shop couldn't see us right away so we went over to the thrift store and picked out a few books. I found some Corelle plates! It always makes me happy to find various vintage designs to add to our cupboard.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


The kids were harassing each other this morning. I suggested Sierra make Sister Kay a birthday cake, because we missed her birthday last Saturday. She jumped in and started making a cake. She asked what kind of cake to make. We had banana's so I suggested she make a banana cake with brown sugar frosting. She said, "Why banana cake?" I said, "Because we have ingredients for banana cake." She shrugged her shoulders and went to work. I asked Nate to pick Kay up a birthday present. He had the day off. He got her a flashlight. I questioned, "A flashlight?" He said, "It is a really nice flashlight." I am sure it was. I called Sister Trevenan and asked her if she could call Kay and ask her to come over. Then we would come and surprise her. She was agreeable. I got all my little ducklings dressed and out the door. I find that a rather big accomplishment as of late. We showed up and shouted surprise. She was delighted. She loved her flashlight. Sister Trevenan got the kids squirt guns and sat in the backyard and filled them until she and each of them were soaked. We love our little Frutia family.


Since we got back from Vernal my phone has been searching for a tower. I guess the internal antenna got damaged. I was happy for the first time that Nate insured something. I always give him crap for paying for those insurance scams. However, this time it actually worked out in our favor. I have a new phone and I am so happy. Nate said, it would be good for me to go on a phone fast. I agree. I feel  naked without my phone. I am addicted to it. I have given up social media and I really don't need it for any reason but to call my family once a day. I call someone in my family and chat. I feel like a piece of my soul is missing when I can't connect with them. I wouldn't care if the phone plugged in the wall, I just need a phone. He knows I am addicted to talking to my family. I wish I could say, "Hey, it is a pretty good addiction." It is, but all addictions cause you to loose sight of important things sometimes. I do need to be careful.

Father's Day

Nate spoke on Father's Day. He gave a beautiful talk on the importance of honoring your priesthood. He ran out of time and only got to speak for a few minutes. He amazed me with the points he brought up. I kept thinking, "You think about that?" He continually surprises me. It has been so fun to see him muddle through calling and announcements, bare his testimony, and weep after the primary children sing. I am seeing. a new side of him. Being second counselor in the bishopric has been really amazing for his soul. We feel so blessed to be apart of a ward that needs us and loves us.

Confession, I forgot it was Father's Day until I got to church. I did make Nate a nice dinner, luckily despite being out of town I was able to come up with something good. We had sweet meatballs and rice, salad and green bean casserole. Sierra made a naked cake with Happy Father's Day written on it. She has been baking a lot lately and has gotten really good at it.

I made some snarky comment about knowing I should make him a nice lunch because it was Father's Day. He actually said, "Lay down. I will make lunch." He made the kids hotdogs. I didn't get to lay down but I thought it was such a sweet gesture. It warmed my heart. I am continually in awe with how far both of us have grown as a couple.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


We got to go to the Vernal Temple with Simon and Leslie on Saturday. Leslie had some direct family names she has been eager to take to the temple. I wanted to go. It was a little bit of a miracle how it all worked out. Friday is date night. We were out at El Tapitio, our go to restaurant for date night. Nate had committed to go and he wanted me to come. I told him with Logan and our other kids I just didn't think I could make it happen. Then a thought came to my mind, call the Price girls. It must have been inspiration from the spirit because everything fell into place. Nate and I ran to the grocery store and bought some easy things for them to cook. They met us at our house. I knew our kids were in good hands. We took off to the temple. We stayed the night in Vernal. Logan slept through the night. I felt tender mercies all about us.

I didn't get to go into the temple with our nursing son. However, we were challenged to read the Book of Mormon and highlight all the examples of ministering. I sat on the temple lawn and read while Logan slept for two hours. It was such a beautiful moment. I learned so much. I was so amazed by all the revelation I received as I sat there pouring over the scriptures. The Isaiah chapters that I have endured so many times, came to life on the page. I would have loved to have stayed there all day.

We went to the LDS bookstore and I bought my first set of scriptures with the name Lisa McKnight on them. I love them. Then we went out to lunch and stopped at a gift shop and bought Logan a teddy. His first. He loves it. He was a little fussy on the way home. Overall it was an amazing trip. We were so happy to just laugh and talk with Simon and Leslie, we don't get to spend quality time like that together very often.

Friday, June 15, 2018


 The sour cherries are ripe on Kay's farm. We headed over early in the morning to help pick them. Kay makes the best sour cherry jam. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Grandma and Grandpa stopped in for a few minutes with my parents to drop of these hats. I was gone to pick up our car that was in the repair shop. My Grandparents came in to town to get an adjustment on grandpa's dentures. I didn't even get to see them. (Insert sad face.) My kids were beaming when I got home. They were so proud of their hats.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018