Thursday, December 21, 2017


Madison had her Christmas concert last night. She has been so excited about and has reminded me a dozen times since they started practicing. She told me three times on the day of the program that she did not have to dress up. She seemed really excited about not having to dress up. She was the only child not dressed up, well besides the chubby Asian kid on the same row as her, thank goodness for him. I died when I saw all the girls in there cute Christmas dresses. Why did I trust her? Why didn't I ask anyone? Mom fail. She didn't seem to mind though and even proclaimed when it was all over that the teachers said they didn't have to. Hilarious.
We had a really packed day. We were feeding the missionaries, the girls had two orthodontic appointments. Madison got her braces off and then had to be fitted for her retainer. Later in the day, we had to go pick her retainer up. I had a YW's Christmas party. I was really excited to go to it coincided with  Madison's program. I had to make dinner and a dessert for the YW's party. I felt like I ran all day. The boy's were crazy to the orthodontist's office. I am surprised the keep letting us come back. The boys were just as crazy at Madison's program fifteen minutes into it Nate asked me for the keys to the car. He took the boys home and got them to bed. Sigh. On the way back, Madison asked if we could go out for ice cream. I normally do take my kids out for a shake or something but I couldn't. I told her there was ice cream in the fridge. She was so sweet about it. She came home and got ice cream, brushed her teeth and went to bed, without a word.

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